Staying connected with all past puppies

This page is all about staying connected.

We have a great love for our puppies and this page helps us and everyone that has one of our puppies watch each others pup grow.We can watch all litter mates.Check out their size and looks.

It is just amazing and wonderful to me that this is possible.

Those of you that have one or two of our puppies please feel free to e-mail pictures anytime with notes about height weight temperament.Just anything that you might like to know about your puppies litter mates.


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DAISY MAE  -Sire: Jake -Dam: Mercedes -                                                                                      LIVES IN ILLINOIS- 20 MILES FROM HERE.


Daisy Mae has gone to a very loving home.

 She has many play mates.

Mary & Mike have 4 children that show her alot of attention.

Chase (12)-Jaicee (7) -Sedona (5) - Trenton (2)

Mary is great about sending me pictures of Daisy Mae enjoying the family.

She is a very spoiled puppy.

Born Nov.21,2007 to Jake & Mercedes.

Thank You


Mary e-mailed (1-28-08) 

Her name is Daisy Mae.  She is such a good puppy.  My husband has taken her from me.  He told me that this was going to be my dog, but he steals all of her time from me.  She has kind of learned shake, sit, come.  She is doing great on the house breaking.  She has a huge bed, lots of toys, and tons of kids to play with.  We couldn't thank you more for such a great addition to our family.  She goes to work with me all of the time.  She loves playing with the miniature pincher Lily.  I will send you pics once I can get on my normal computer.  

Thank you again

Mary e-mailed(2/23/08) 

I just wanted to show you how good she is with the kids.  She is even willing to share her pig ear. 

Mary e-mailed (March 5,2008) 

I just took this picture a minute ago.  She just finished her first course of training last week.  She got her own little certificate.  We are thinking about doing the therapy dog training. 

We have to look into it a little more.  She weighs 40lbs.  She was at the vet on Monday.

Mary e-mailed (May 21,2008)

Here are some new photos of Daisy.  She weighs almost 80 lbs.  She's healthy and all that good stuff.  She just got pampered at the doggy cleaners for her 6 month birthday.  She is too spoiled.  I don't think 6 months counts as a birthday, but like I said...SHE'S SPOILED!!!

Thank You Mary for all the updates We love it

Cindy & Glen

July 2,2008 Glen & I went to see Daisy Mae.

She is a beautiful girl.

She is just 7 months and 2 weeks in these pictures



Well below you will see that on August 7,2008

Daisy Mae was -READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!!!!!!!



    Mary brought Daisy Mae down to our neighbors and called us so we could come and see her.So I took a few pictures. She is looking great.Very pretty girl she has her daddy's head.She has a nice thick body.Just a nice looking girl.

Thanks Mary for giving us a call.We always enjoy seeing  the puppies as they grow in to dogs. 


                           Pictures of Daisy Mae September 1,2009 she is a beautiful girl!!


Daisy Mae in May 2010- She is a beautiful girl.


EMMA - Sire: Jake - Dam: Mercedes-LIVES IN ILLINOIS

Emma was the 2nd biggest girl of the litter.

She went to her forever home in Mineral Il.

to Scott & Sarah And their two boys.

I know she gets alot of love and attenion their.

Emma is out of Jake & Mercedes Litter

Born November 21,2007

Emma at 15 weeks old she weighed in at 42 lbs at this age.


At 5 1/2 months old she weighed 82 lbs .

no picture of her at that age.

This is Emma and one of the boy's that helps to spoil her.
She is 8 months old in this picture.(July 28,2008)
Emma goes for a check up next week.
They will let me know her weight then.
She looks most like her daddy.
Thank You for giving her a loving home.

LITTLE DUKE  - Sire: Jake - Dam: Mercedes-                     Lives IN ILLINOIS-12 miles from Here


Little Duke went to his forever home at 7 weeks old

He now belongs to Joey & Elaine and their children

Duke gets lots of love and attention.

 He has 2 other dogs to play with and goats.

He was born November 21,2007 to Mercedes & Jake

Duke weighed in at 95lbs at his 6 month vet check.

he stands 27 inches to his shoulders .

he has a whole lot of growing to do.

He should get to 30 inches tall and 200lbs

These are pictures from newborn til May 24,2008

Glen & I went to see him then and took many pictures.

So glad we could go see him.


Thank You Elaine & Joey for giving him a Great & Loving Home

 UPDATE AUGUST 24,2008 (9 months old)

Joey & Elaine let us come visit Little Duke again today.

 Man has he grown since May

 He is now around 29 inches to his shoulder's and around 140lbs.

 He looks more & more like his daddy every time we see him.

These are just a few of the photo's I took today.

I took over 40 so I can't put them all on here.

Thanks again for letting us come and visit.


 Elaine & Little Duke Getting ready to play.    Joey ,Glen and Little Duke.The guys are 6 ft. tall


Nala - Dam:Mercedes - Sire-Jake-Live in Indiana

So excited to have re-connected with Nala's owners.

Nala had a litter of pups in November.


  Nala and her first litter of puppies 11/2009

Kristi said she weighed 189lbs,not sure if that was before or during her pregnancy.

She had a beautiful litter of puppies .


This is Cavalries Lil Sabre- aka -Lexus -                                             Sire Jake - Dam Mercedes Born 11-21-2007


We had traded Lexus for Mercedes sister Asia- The girl sold her and we have no Idea where she lives.

 I how ever have her correct name because the litter was AKC registered  then the new owners registered her.

If you are the new owner and come across this page please let me know.

I would love to know how she is doing and see any new pictures of her you may have. Thank You

This is the last picture I have of her at about 9-11 weeks old,before they sold her.


BRONX TAIL OF JACOBS LOST EMPIRE -                                                                                          Sire: Jake -Dam: Asia -LIVES IN ILLINOIS-


Bronx was born April 12,2008 to Asia & Jake

at 5 weeks he weighed 14.4 lbs

 Thank You For giving Bronx such a loving Home



Bronx New Back Yard

Bronx first Bath

 some pics of him playing around the house and chasing the family kids around, which he absolutely loves to do!!  He’s been such a good puppy, doing good with going to the bathroom outside, not chewing things up (just yet) and just being a complete sweetheart!! 


Bronx in June of 2008

Bronx went to his first doggie beach the first week of August 2008    

Just shy of four months old he weighed 63lbs

Check him out



       Well should I  go in?                             WHAT!The sand feels PRETTY GOOD         

Today 8-20-08

 Bronx came to visit.

It was great to see him.

Bronx 4 months and 1 week old 69lbs and 24 inch tall to shoulders.

he is going to be a BIG BOY!

I think he needs to be in the show ring :-)

 Update on Bronx

 As of December 3,2008 he weighed in at 134lbs he is not even 8 months old yet!!

Mandi is working on getting me new pictures. I can not wait.

Mandi just sent these picture of Bronx Taken around 12-14-08


Below is his Daddy. I think they look a lot a like also.


Heard from Mandi today and Bronx weighed in at 155lbs  at 9 months old. He is a big boy!

Mandi & Bronx taken 1-24-09

He sure is getting big.

MJ (6 months old) & Bronx ( 9 Months old)Jan 2009

Thanks Mandi for the new pictures.

                           Parking Lot 5-20-09                                  Stadium-look at all the people in the back ground

He is so wel behaved. I asked Mandi to send me some info about this day. Here is what she had to say.

Thank You Mandi

Hi Cindy!!

Every year the White Sox and US Cellular have a dog day, it’s a 1st come 1st serve type of thing and they only allow 500 dogs in the park.   That may sound like a lot but the stadium fits over 40,000 people so really only a small percentage get to bring their dogs.  This year it was on Wednesday, May 20th – Sox vs Minnesota Twins, sox won!!

 Bronx was soo well behaved, but it wasn’t hard for him because he was a celebrity once we got inside the park.  I couldn't’t turn around without someone asking:  how old is he (and then being in complete awe when I told them he JUST turned 1), how much he weighs, his name or how much he eats!!  It almost felt like there was constantly someone asking me to take their picture with him or to pet him!! So much fun!!   My sister swears he was the biggest dog there!! J

 Great times and I can’t wait until next year to do it all again!! J


UPDATE 7-28-09


He is 1 year and 3 1/3 months old.-that is 11 lbs less then his sire and he still has a lot of growing to do.


Bronx and Mandi at a doggie beach September 2009 & Bronx Making friends their!!

This is Bronx in August 2008                                     This is Bronx September 2009

He is a big boy!!!!!!!Great Pictures Mandi Thank You!


    Bronx and Mandi June 2010 He is over 225 lbs


 SIR COOPER OF JACOB'S LOST EMPIRE  -                     Sire: Jake -Dam: Asia -Lives in Indiana


Cooper is going to get lots of love and attention with his new Family.

 Mariah,Justin & their 5 year old little boy.

You could tell Cooper loved him.

Cooper was born April 12,2008 to Asia & Jake.

Thank You For loving Cooper

Mariah e-mailed 5-28-08

Cooper is doing great.  The car ride home was surprisingly calm and no big deal, he was content to sit with me like a big ol' lap dog!  His first night was good, he slept fine and no whining, and our cats even seem to be adjusting well (no growling or hissing,and might even like him)!.  He's definatly getting comfortable with his new home, he is exploring more and more.  He loves it outside and follows you everywhere around the yard.   
Talk to you soon,

New pictures of Sir Cooper in June


Mariah e-mailed 

When he sleeps, he crosses his back feet, it is sooo cute!  Cooper is doing good, he went to the vet last week for shots, and the doc said he looks great.  He weighed in at 26 pounds, and is probably even bigger by now.   Potty training is going well, no accidents for 4 or 5 days. :) We have been having soooo much fun with him!  He loves to go on walks and is doing really well on the leash and with 'sit' and 'stay'.  We're planning on starting puppy preschool with him sometime in the next 3 or 4 weeks.
Also, I wanted to double check with you, I would like to use Jake's official name on Cooper's registration if that's ok.  The name I would like to use is 'Sir Cooper of Jacob's Lost Empire'.  Let me know if that's ok! 
Thanks a ton!

Mariah E-Mailed 7/7/08 

I thought I'd send you some new pictures of Cooper.  He is doing great.  We had our first 'puppy kindergarten' class last week and it went pretty well.  He goes once a week for the next 7 weeks, and I think he enjoyed being around other dogs for a change instead of just the cats!
pictures from over the holiday weekend, we let our son run through the sprinklers (the front lawn needed a little water anyway) and Cooper decided that he loves the water. He got soaking wet and loved every second of it! It was sooo funny to watch him run and jump and bite at the water.  The two of them had a blast!


Thank You for the new pictures!



He now weighs 66.5lbs and is 24 inches tall at shoulders

Sir Cooper likes to play soccer

Cooper not sure if he wants to bring or get the presents

taken 12-22-08

Thank You Mariah for the new pictures






Jenny e-mailed 

Hi guys just want you to know Memphis is settling in to his new home.  He loves his new play mate Dixie (our 1 year old dog) and  Declan (our 2 month old son) is having fun meeting his cousins.

Thank You David & Jenny for giving Memphis a loving home

 Cindy & Glen

New pictures sent in July

  Memphis with his new play mate                Memphis at 3 months as big as his playmate

when he first went to his new home

Thanks for the new pictures Dave & Jenny

Dave and Memphis at about 6 months old.

 He is just a little more then a lap dog.

Hey who said you need a saddle.

 Daddy got a dog and I get a pony.

 Ok so they look just alike.

October- 2008




CLEO  - Sire: Jake -Dam: Asia -LIVES IN ILLINOIS


Cleo was the only female out of Jake & Asia's litter.

She was Born April 12,2008 



  The day Ben came out and picked out Cleo.                The Day Ben took Cleo Home 

She had really grown


I talk to Ben right before Christmas and he said Cleo was around 130lbs at 81/2 months.

Updates 4-17-09


Ben & Cleo and Max and I at obediance class 5-7-09.

 Cleo is a beautiful girl and at least 3 to 4 inches taller then her mom.

She still has 2 years of growing to do.

Cleo pass the class . Ben has done a great job working with her. Taken 6-18-09


    Max-A-Million- Sire- Jake - Dam Mercedes- Born 8-31-2008                This was my pick of litter that is now one of our stud dogs.


This is max at his last vet visit with Glen

Max weighed in at 78lbs. 2/4/09(5 months old)



Pictures of Max taken 3-2-09 He is well over 90lbs and 27 inches to shoulder  at only

7 months old . I think he is going to be a big boy.

He is really starting to look more and more like his daddy.

Max & Jake -3-27-09

4-22-09 Max at first class of obedience traing (red halter collar)

Not to bad. I had taken him to a private trainer earlier this year,but here there are other dogs to socialize with.

Max is taking a break at dog classes.This late night stuff is taking a toll on this poor boy.LOL

Daddy Jake going for a walk with Max(8 months old) showing him the ropes.-5-3-09

They look so much a like.


Max 5-8-09---8 months old

He went to the vet today and he weighs 120lbs-that is 42lbs in 3 months.

He is really getting big like his daddy


Update 9-22-09

Max will be entering the Show ring October 4th,2009

Diesel will be going that day also.

I will show them both at this show.

Then in October 17,18,19-2009.

He will be in another show and this time he will be shown by a handler that has been

showing dogs for 15 years..I am so excited. wish us luck. 


  Above----Max and I --8-10-09


Max and I - 10-4-09 After his first dog show..

He recieved Blue ribbon at all 4 shows


Charlie-Born August 31,2008-                                                             Sire: Jake -Dam: Mercedes -LIVES IN ILLINOIS


We meet Neda At Will at our local Mall so they could pick the Male they wanted and they choose Charlie.

He was 2 weeks old.9-13-08

WOW what a difference in size when they picked him up.

 Thanks for giving Charlie a loving home!

Charlie and his new Mom & Dad

I am waiting for Santa,but I will stay far way from the tree so he has room for lots of presents.

Taken around 12-1-08

     taken 12-12-08                           Charlie likes Snow 12-16-08

Thanks Neda for the new pictures

Charlie is so handsome he can't stop looking at himself

taken around 1-9-09 a little over 4 months old.

Update on Charlie 4-17-09

Well it looks like Charlie is a little more then a handful for Will

 and an over sized lap dog for Neda

But he is the nicest boy at the dogie park,they have been told.

Thanks for the new pictures Neda he is Gorgeous


HULK-BORN AUGUST 31-2008                                               SIRE:JAKE- DAM: MERCEDES -LIVES IN ILLINOIS

Kasey & Todd came and picked out their baby Hulk 9-14-08

he was 2 weeks old.


Thanks for giving Hulk a loving home!

Kasey sent me this picture of Hulk taken in January 2009.

on February 4,2009 he weighed in at 78lbs.

Thanks for the picture Kasey


Hulk taking a little pool break. This is just to cute. Taken 6-24-09



Rocko - Born August 31,2008                                                             Sire: Jake - Dam: Mercedes -Lives in Wisconson

Jamie & Kids Came to pick out their Puppy on October 31,2008



Thanks for giving him a loving home!

GIA LIN-Born August 31,2008                                                             Sire: Jake - Dam: Mercedes -Lives in ILLINOIS.

Gia Lin and New Family

11-13-08 her new home is in Plainfield

Gia Lin Is waiting for Santa.

Thank You for the new picture.



   YUKON PRINCE EDQUIRE                                Born August 31,2008


Yukon Prince Edquire 

 went to South Carolina

He is a Christmas Present

Taken 12-6-08 

Hey I know I don't have a white beard.

Just give me a break. I am not Santa I am the present.

Yukon at his new home in South Carolina

He has gone the farthest away.

Taken 12-9-08

Thanks for the update Jill

 LEAH -Born August 31,2008                                                              Sire: Jake - Dam: Mercede-LIVES IN IL


Leah went to her new home  in Joliet 12-12-08

I am waiting to be picked up for a Christmas Gift.

Shawn came and picked me up to be a gift for the family.

I am so lucky!!!

Thank You - Shawn

Hey dad how about a kiss good by. We will keep in touch.

LUCY LOU-BORN AUGUST 31,2008                                        SIRE:JAKE - DAM: MERCEDES-         

Preston & Heather came and picked Lucy Lou up on 2-21-09

She is almost as big as Preston.

They had a 13 hour drive back home.

Lucy Lou went to South Carolina.

I know she will be loved and spoiled there.

 Thank You

Lucy Lou must have had to make a pit stop on the way home.

        Lucy Lou and new friend Buddy                                  Lucy Lou is really Spoiled

    She will be breed to him when she

    is old enough. Stay tuned