Lucy--Born  10-5-2009--Dam- Lucy(AKC Name-Lilan Munster)

Lucy is a girl we bought the same time we bought her mother(also Lucy). We had planned on keeping her,but decided we just did not have enough room. So we re-homed her.

Roger and Ann have given her a wonderful home.She will be spoiled rotten:-) 

It was love at first sight. Thank You


Lucy - 1-15-2010


Above-Lucy getting her 3rd set of shot's(1-11-10) she weighed in at 35lbs.

And received a clean bill of heath. She is an absolute beautiful girl.

She sure likes the snow.1-15-2010 


  Ann and Roger brought Little Lucy by to see us. 10-8-2010-My My how she has grown

She weighed in at 110 pounds and is around 31 inches to the shoulder.

Just a beautiful girl.