All About Little Duke and his Parents All About Little Duke and his Parents Mercedes & Jake These are his folks. Mercedes believes that all Females RULE! 11792659 First Kiss This is when we introduced Jake to his son Little Duke. 11792672 Can I have one? My daughter showing our grandson the new puppies. Of course they are all always his. 11792673 Little Duke's First Christmas It wasn't time for Little Duke to go to his new home yet so our grandson did some spoiling. 11792658 No we can not keep him!!! My husband Glen and Little Duke. Glen & my Son Brian really wanted to keep him and Brian was going to raise him in his apartment. But the timing was not right. 11792674 PLEASE... can we keep him?? NO!!!!!! 11792660 Look Dad I am getting bigger! Whenever we had Little Duke in the house(which was often) Jake would sit by the picture window, so we would let him give him a kiss. 11792681 OH! I am just so CUTE! No we still are not keeping him :-) 11792682 Little Duke at 6 months. This is at his new home. Which we can visit anytime we like. 11792675 Play Time. Little Duke loves to play in the water. Elaine sprays the hose and he chases it. 11792657 More water play time. Little Duke is 9 Months old in this picture. 11792671 Duke Sitting Pretty . No we can't buy him back. We will just keep visiting. 11792683 Lets show them our tricks. Elaine works with Little Duke all the time.They do well. 11792684 Ok.. time for a nap. Mastiffs love to lay around and he was on his way to do that. 11792676