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AKC - Show Quality Mastiffs


Brian's Baby - Callie

My Son Brian and his big Baby Callie.

Taken July 7,2008

She is 14 months old here.

Callie and I- She is half way through her pregnancy-8-10-09



Callie (31 months old) & Beauty( 11months old) 12-21-09

Callie is Beauty's dam.There is not much difference in size.

Callie on the left and Beauty on the right.


Glen & Layla taking a nap 1-26-09

Layla is a snuggle bug.


      Layla playing with Lucy Lou & Max                         Layla came in to hang out

       Taken 1-25-09



Layla in the house play with George & Macy-2-19-09                         Layla & Max sharing a drink 2-23-09



          Layla At 5 months old                                   Layla on her way to her first class for Obedience.4-22-09          


We took her for the rest of her shots on 4-20-09(5 months old) and she weighed in at 58#.

Layla - pictures taken at 6 months old.She is starting to get taller,She is such a deep apricot color.

She is doing well at dog classes.just a real sweet girl and loves everybody.


Brian with his new boy Diesel(Callie's pup)

Diesel will be going to live with our son when he is old enough .

He will also be one of our Stud Dogs


  This is Diesel at 6 day's old Taken 1-13-09                      This is Diesel at almost 1 month old Taken 2/2/09


      He sure is a handsome boy.    2-6-09                                  Diesel & Brian bonding - taken 2-8-09.


      Brian, Marissa & Diesel taken 2-22-09                                Diesel getting a breath of fresh air 3-6-09

Diesel went to the vet on the 9th of March( 2 months old) and he weighed in at 21lbs.

He is going to be a big boy also.


Diesel is getting to be a big boy 4-4-09                                 Diesel 4-12-09--He is so laid back and a good boy

He will be going home with Brian in a couple of weeks



    Brian Diesel 4-22-09 He is sure getting big                    Wow his paw is BIG! He is 31/2 months old here.

Brian gettin Diesel use to a leash 4-22-09


Marissa & I took Diesel to the vet 5-11-09(4 months old) He weighs 60lbs. He is a big boy!

                                           10-4-09                                                       5-20-09

  Brian was finally able to take Diesel home. He spends most of his time in the house,but when Brian goes to  work he puts in outside so he can run and play in his pen or go in the shed to sleep.I think he loves it there.


Above- Diesel and I- Diesel is 7 months old here.

He came for a visit to play with the girls.


(above) I went to Brians to visit Diesel he is getting so big.I put my camera on timer and ran to a spot in his yard and called Diesel to get the picture of the 2 of us. I had 10 seconds to do this, He is such a good boy. The other picture is of him playing with his favorit toy.Both pictures taken 6-4-09 (5 months old)


               Brian took Diesel to the local Pumpkin Fest 9-26-09 and he was a hit!! He is 8 months old here.

      First picture diesel is with my 1 year old granddaughter,my 3 year old grandson and their friend Addison.

                                         2nd picture my son Brian holding his dog Diesels leash.




Beauty is just that. She is a very dark brindle.

She will be going to the show ring .

She is going to be a big girl,

With a big blockie head and a great sound body.

With a great temperament.

She will be added to our breeding program in 2010. 


     BEAUTY TAKEN 1-29-09                                                                 Beauty taken 2-6-09


    Beauty Taken 2-19-09                                        Beauty Out for a stroll 3-1-09

Beauty 4-12-09......3 months old


Beauty at the vet 5-11-09 ...4 months old weighed in at 46lbs

She is getting big


Beauty wanted to play ball so she was trying to talk her dad into. 5-28-09



     Above- Beauty & I- she is 7 months old here.                     Beauty 9 months old in this picture.

                                                     She has a nice deep body and is a sweet girl.

She is going into the show ring in November 2009


This is Beauty and her competition. She received a 3rd out of 3 both days.

No that's not so good,but it was her first time and my 3rd and it was a fun day.

The judge did pull me aside and said to make sure I bring her back when she is a little older,

because she is in a growing spurt and uneven right now.

You know the back end is higher then the front end.

So we will try again in the Spring.



Beauty(11 months old) on the right with her mother Callie on the left.

Beauty is just that -She is a beautiful girl with a great combination of her parents.

She has a great temperment-sound body-great depth to her body.

She is going to be a big girl.


Callie Getting her first Ultrasound.




                Callie getting her ultrasound 8-20-09 puppies should be here in a couple of weeks.

   It is real hard to see just how many there is because they are moving all over. She thought for sure 8

These babies are getting so big.Taken 10-5-09

They are learning to go outside to potty.



Pictures taken 9-10-09 1 week old.Mom is doing a great job. all 8 babies are doing well.

This is our new birthing house. It works out great for her and she has the freedom to go in and out as she pleases.when the pups are 3 to 4 weeks old we will remove the board so they may go in and out freely with mom.This will help train them to potty outside.This also give her a spot to take a break from them and still be close by.


Callie with her 8 new babies. 


Max & Medusa's first litter-Born May 13,2010

It has been confirmed She is bred

She is due the week of May 12,2010



                             Medusa 4-29-2010                                             Medusa's ultrasound 4-28-2010

She see 7 puppies for sure and maybe up to 9




                     Max                                                                           Medusa


Max & Medusa 3-8-2010


 Max & Medusa will make some beautiful fawn puppies.

They are both light fawns with all the right markings.

Max has the nice big head that we love in the mastiff and great muscle mass.

Medusa has a nice thick body with great depth.

Together they will produce some well rounded pups with great temperament's and great show potential.



Puppies are here- Born 5-13-2010


MAX -A - MILLION OF JACOBS LOST EMPIRE -  Born August 31,2008                    SIRE:JACOBS LOST EMPIRE   -       DAM:MERCEDES   


Max with our grandson Quinn 9-20-08



Taken 12 -12-08


Taken 2-4-09

Max at the vets to get some shots

He weighed in at 78lbs.

he was just 5 months old.

He was the littlest guy of his litter,but I think he is going to be a big boy!!



G & C's Ruby Lou girl of my Dreams- Born 8-17-2011                      Sire- Greeks Handsome Adonis -Dam-Queen Beauty of Jacobs Lost Empire 

Ruby Lou is an Apricot Brindle

Ruby Lou-5 weeks old-9-28-2011

Picture taken 1-10-2012--almost 5 months old here.- 70 pounds

at 6 months she is 90 pounds

Ruby Lou- at 10 months old-131 pounds and 31 inches to the top of her back

at 1 year old 136 lbs


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