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AKC - Show Quality Mastiffs


Layla & Max's 1st Litter Born- 2-1-2011--                                       During the Blizzard by C-Section

Max-a Million of Jacobs Lost Empire and Queen Layla of the Lost Empire Had 4 Beautiful and very healthy Puppies.

 3 males and 1 [email protected] Apricot Males and 1 Fawn Male.The female is a fawn.

Layla did wonderful after her c-section.. We brought them all into our home for the first 5 days. Because she was a first time mom and had to be put out to have the c-section she had no idea what these puppies were.. She would lay down and let them nurse,but would not clean them up.. so that meant my husband and I had to do that part.. It was like have 4 newborns of our own to clean butts every 2 hours - then every three. then Layla started to clean them so we moved all back out to the Birthing house and she stop depending on us to do her job.. she is just so in love with her babies you can tell.. And they are just so spoiled... They will lay so you can rub their belly's and at such a young age that is just not normal..I know these little ones are going to be the pups yet.I wish I could keep everyone of them.


 Sire :Max-A Million of Jacobs Lost Empire------------------Dam :Layla of the Lost Empire


Above - from left to right-Snow-Blizzard-Chumley- and Beast aka Storm- at 3 weeks


                     From left to right--Beast--Snow--Blizzard--Chumley-- Picture taken 3-15-2011-6 weeks old

Chumley- Fawn Male- Sire- Max- Dam- Layla- Born 2-1-2011             He is living in Wisconsin


 Brad and Katie drove 4 hours to see their new boy 2-18-2011

Chumley with Brad & Katie and his big half sister Emma..

They came and picked up Chumley 3-25-2011 


 Chumley & Emma playing before they went back home 3-25-2011

Brad & Katie own both of them..

Thank You for giving them both a loving and wonderful home.

4-4-2011 Chumley weighed in at 24 pounds


Beast-Apricot Male-Born 2-1-2011- Sire: Max - Dam: Layla                He is living in Illinois


 The Stojak's came to meet their new puppy Beast 3-12-2011

 Margaret Stojak and two of her girls came to pick up Beast 3-26-2011...

The Brindle is Beauty which is Beast Aunt..They own her as well.

 Oh they want to play, but who is going to make the first move???

Thank You for giving both of these babies a wonderful and loving home.


Blizzard-Apricot Male Born 2-1-2011-   Sire: Max- Dam:- Layla             He now lives in Virgina



 Blizzard 3-21-2011-7 weeks old----------------------Blizzard 2-17-2011- 16 days old


 Blizzard made it to Virgina and was happy to see his new family.

Thank You Julian and Melanie for giving him a great home 4-1-2011.

4-3-2011- Blizzarded weighed in at 23.6 pounds.

Snow -  Female-Sire: Max- Dam: Layla                                                Born 2-1-2011--- She will be going to live with her Uncle Bubba


  Snow 3-21-2011- at 7 weeks old-----------Snow 2-17-2011- at 16 days old.

Snow's coloring is hard to determine.. she started out looking fawn, but as she gets older she is starting to have more light Apricot.. so we will wait a few more months to see what her coloring does..

She will also be going to Puppy classes and then to the AKC show ring

  4-5-2011- Snow weighed in at 17.2 pounds


When snow was born we were not so sure of her coloring,

now that she is a little older it is clear that she is an Apricot.


Snow 4-26-2011-- 12 weeks old and 30 lbs------ ---Snow 4-11-2011--Leaving her first puppy Class

Snow Graduated from pupping Class 5-22-2011---------------------------------Snow-5-19-2011 -46 lbs

Snow at 5 1/2 months old - she weighed 70 lbs.

Snow at 7 months old 87 pounds..

Snow 10 1/2 months old -12-18-2011

She is for sale.



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