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Updated 5-25-09

If you have taken your puppy that came from here to any training send us some pictures and comments to add to this page.

Well we started training at Pet-Smart 4-22-09.

It was great. I had taken Max to a private trainer and she was awesome.The only thing is it was just Max. So he did not learn to really socialize,which is a key thing when you want to show a dog AKC.

So Ben that owns Cleo From Asia's litter in April of 2008 e-mailed me that he was doing this class.So I decided to start taking some of ours. We started with Max & Layla.

 My niece Danielle agreed to help me out.

Thank You Danielle

It is a 8 week class for obedience. There are two other classes to go if I want to get the good citizen certificate.

We are going to start Beauty and maybe Diesel later this month or in May.

Here are a few pictures from Layla and Max's first class. We are a week behind,but doing great. This was Cleo's second week. She does real well. And has grown into a beautiful girl.

Class 4-22-09

           Here is our Class of 5                            Cleo is 1st,then Max and Layla the Apricot

  Danielle get some tips from our trainer                Max & Layla talking this over

 Stay tuned for weekly updated

Class 4-29-09

Well when Layla was not laying down she was doing real good.

Then you have Max that decided if Layla could get by with laying down in class he was going to try it.

All in All they did real good last night. Thanks Danielle for helping me out week after week.

you can see Cleo in the background of Layla's picture. She is doing very well.

Class 5-6-09


   Layla resting on the way to class                                       Well she thought she need to rest some more .

                                                                                                                  Cleo was checking on her 

           Max & Layla are like WHAT we will listen                            Layla wants to make nice and play

         Cleo Asking Max are to tired now?                    Poor Max he looked so tiered after class when we got home.

Even though Max and Layla don't always do what they are told they do pretty good at class. Layla minds much better then Max. Danielle does real good with her.(Thanks Danielle)

Hats off to Pet Smart. We have a great Trainer

Below Class 5-12-09


                  The trip to class-Layla is chilling                              Max wanting us to hurry up and get there.

  Poor Max he has no room-Layla is such a bed hog.                Max,Cleo & Layla playing before class started.


 Max and Layla are so lazy,but that is normal for a Mastiff  - This is Cleo and Ike(Great Dane)They are best friends

  In the last four weeks we have learned so much and they have all come a long way it is so awesome to see.

They have learned-Sit-Watch Me-Leave it-Settle-Down-Stay-Walk with me and Come

I am so glad Ben told me about these Classes.

Thanks Ben

CLASS 5-20-09

Layla & Max being class clowns. 2 more weeks to go.

Max was being a brat,but Layla was a good girl.

      Look at how good Laya is for Danielle                                  Layla/Danielle-Trainer/Max--Ben with Cleo

                               Pictures above and below are the last night of class taken 6-18-09   




 Dalila- Sire: Max- Dam: Lucy-- Traning at Petsmart -Jan.-March 2011


 Dalila at her 1st puppy class 1-25-2011-She was getting to know everyone.she even got the trainer to give her a treat.

      Dalila's best friend at class- Silvia 2-8-2011.................Dalila prancing around visiting with everyone.2-8-2011


more of our babies that attended training at Pet Smart


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