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AKC - Show Quality Mastiffs


Max & Medusa's  litter - Born 5-13-2010- All Puppies have been sold. Thank You to all their new owners

                 Dam -  Medusa - Taken 5-15-2010                                      Sire -Max- Taken 6-25-2010

                   2 days after puppies were born.

Medusa and pups the day the were born some were hours old and 1 was just minutes old.

She is the best mom!



Remy-  Live's  with Aaron in Indiana  (aka Sally)



Remy at 20 days old-pictures taken 6-2-2010

            Remy- Taken 6-19-2010

Remy's first vet visit 6-25-2010 -she weighed in at 8lbs7oz.



Aaron came and picked up Remy 7-2-2010

Unfortantly at 1 year old Remy had to be put down



Willow- Will be going to live with Brenda in Wisconsin


She will be going to Wisconsin 

 Willow at 20 days old. Pictures taken 6-2-2010.

      Willow is getting bigger-She is just a beautiful girl. Pictures taken 6-14-2010

Willow- Taken 6-19-2010-------------------------Willow Taken 6-20-2010

Willow's first vet visit-6-25-2010-she weighed in at 8lbs


Brenda came from Wisconsin to pick up Willow- Medusa was saying good by to her baby-6-30-2010

Willow at her new home 7-25-2010 

Emma will live with Brad & Katie in Wisconsin

Brad & Katie came to pick their baby girl- Emma 5-30-2010

Emma -6-19-2010



Emma's first vet visit-6-25-2010-she weighed in at 8lbs 7oz.

Brad & Katie came to get Emma and bring her home to Wisconsin-6-29-2010



     Emma 8-18-2010 She is getting so big         Emma 8-8-2010--she can hide now,but not when she is full grown

She now weighs 30 pounds at 12 weeks big girl!

Emma 9-7-2010---- She is getting bigger. She is weighing in at 44 pounds. 

Brad & Katie brought Emma to see us when then picked out a new puppy for their family

Emma is beautiful.. she weighs 105 pounds at 9 months old.

Picture taken 2-18-2010 


Kane with his New Family-Kyle & Christy

   Kyle & Christy came and picked their baby boy - Kane 5-30-2010

Kyle and Christy came to visit Kane-6-13-2010

Kane- 6-20-2010

6-21-2010-Kyle & Christy brought their daughter to visit Kane this time.

He is getting so big.



Kane's first vet visit-6-25-2010-He weighed in at 13lbs--yes that's right 13lbs

I think he has been eating for 2.:-) 


Hi Glen and Cindy, (7-2-2010)
This should come as no surprise but Kane has not lost his appetite at all!  He is doing great and our other dog Gypsy is really good with him.  She made sure to clean him from head to toe and is herding him everywhere he goes to make sure he doesn't go anywhere he's not supposed to I guess.  We went and bought the right food and have our vet coming next week.  She comes to the house which is really nice.  We will keep you updated and will be sending pictures soon.  Thank you both again and talk to you soon,
Kyle and Christy



  Kane with his new sister Gypsy- --------------------------------- He is sooooo spoiled! Belly rub anyone? 7-5-2010

   As of 7-5-2010- he weighed in at 20 pounds


Kane 7-22-2010-- He is getting so big. he now weighs 30 pounds! wow



           Grandpa Jake with Kane- 8-24-2010                            Momma Medusa and Kane-              

Kane at our house for a visit -8-24-2010 --He is tipping the scale at 45 pounds- He is going to be a big boy!


Kyle & Christy Now own Medusa also.9-4-2010


   Medusa & Kane look how beautiful they are.              Kane ,Gypsy and Medusa. They are getting along great


These are 3 very spoiled puppy dogs:-)-- Medusa has fit in very well. Thanks for giving her a loving home.the 3 above picture were taken 9-5-2010.


 Medusa on the left and Kane on the right 11-4-2010-------------------------------Kane - 2-1-2011 

 Kane 3-12-2011--He is 10 montths old here and just Beautiful

Kane- 7-28-2011- 14 months old 31 inches and 152 pounds .

He was here at our place breeding one of our girls.

He is a proven stud and can be used to stud an appoved Female.

 Call for more info.



 Nox with her new family-Whitney & Scott and their son                 She will live in Indiana 


 Whitney and Scott and their son came to pick their little girl out. 

 Jake the puppies Grand Sire had to get in the 2nd picture.

5-30-2010-- They are waiting to choose a name to match her personality.

Whitney,Scott and their son came for another visit and named her Nox-6-13-2010




Nox's first vet visit-6-25-2010-she weighed in at 10lbs 6oz.

She is a big girl

Nox going to her new home in Indiana-6-30-2010


Hey Cindy and Glen,(7-5-2010)

 Quick note to let you know that Nox is doing great! We took her to the vet today for her first visit and she has gained 3 lbs!!! Wow! She is going to be a big girl. The people at the vet office went crazy over her because they don’t get to see Mastiff puppies that often. She had a great day playing in the yard and sleeping in the shade. Interestingly, she appears to be trying to move up her position in the family above Caroline. She treats Tyler just like she treats me and Scott but she definitely views Caroline like another puppy and chews on her and chases her around. The vet said to have Caroline feed her so that she can establish her position because she is so small that Nox may continue to view her as a puppy and try to “play” with her like she did with her siblings. It is really interesting to watch how different she is with Tyler and Caroline. She and Tyler are bonding really well and they sit in the grass in the yard together and just hang out.

  Hope you are doing well and not too sad to let all the puppies go to their new homes. We will send pictures soon.

Thanks Whitney


 Nox is having fun Playing with her new brother - 7-8-2010

as of July 5,2010 Nox weighed in at 13.6 pounds



Carl and his new famliy- Alex -They live in Wisconsin

 Alex came to meet his baby boy Carl 5-30-2010

Carl - 6-19-2010

Carl's first vet visit-6-25-2010-he weighed in at 7lbs 13oz.



Alex & Sahar Came to pick up Carl 7-3-2010


Carl with all of Alex's Family- Looks like they were having some fun.



Luca with his new Family-John & Melanie and their boys              Live in Illinois

 John & Malanie and their boys came to meet their new boy Luca- He sure loves his new mommy:-)--5-31-2010


Malanie and the boys came back for a visit-6-15-2010

Luca - 6-20-2010

 John & Malanie came and played with their new boy Luca-6-24-2010

 He is getting big.


Luca's first vet visit 6-25-2010-he weighed in at -7lbs 14oz.


John came to get Luca and surprise the family. 6-29-2010


Luca playing with his new brothers- July 2010

as of July 14,2010 Luca weighed in at 15 pounds



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