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AKC - Show Quality Mastiffs


 Our New Dog Kennel -26 x 36- Started April 2011



 This is the back of the shed we are putting the kennel in.   Picture taken from the north looking south. at door.


            From the east wall looking West                                       From the South wall looking north


    We add a lean to- for the outside kennels                        Standing in the shed -facing  the new east wall



 Outside dog doors where the outside kennels will go.      A view from the inside where the inside kennels will be.




  The room on the right is 2 birthing rooms... each one is 8 x8 inside and will have its own heat- ceiling fan.

It will be a great place for our new babies to be whelped.


The outside runs--- we will be adding the play area later this summer.

The 2 birthing rooms on the left--- inside the birthing room on the right-lights heater and ceiling fan.

On the outside of the birthing rooms is our own vet scale.this allows me to keep taps on their weight.

Inside the dog kennel--it is 36 x 26 with 7 inside runs and two birthing rooms

In the center I have a 9 1/2 x 36 area to work with the dogs..I also let them out inside to play with each other a few at a time when it just to hot for them outside..This is such a great area. 




This is our outside runs that allow them to go in and out as they wish.. It is also very helpful when it comes to potty traing the puppies.. they learn very quickly to go in and out to go potty.

 We start tah between 4 - 5 weeks old

 We have attached what I call big play pens at the end of the runs.. this allows them to have play time together..



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